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Innovation Essay

Innovation means transformation of ideas into reality. Innovation leads to inventions of great ideas and technology. Innovators usually have a vision to make changes in certain industries and do so by making changes or improvements to their ideas. As an innovator, I value computer security and is concerned about the privacy of the population. I want to make a change in the computer security sector by making improvements in port scans.


Port scans are used to detect vulnerability or threats to someone’s computer or system. This is a great problem because not a lot of people know how to conduct port scans and this technology is also expensive to implement and not easily accessible to general population. As an innovator I want to come out with a technology or an app that is easily accessible by the general population and at the same time they get to know how important port scans are in data security.


As of now there are not a lot of applications that help the general population to conduct port scans. Due to this reason the population is having major security leaks and their data is being stolen for the wrong purposes. This is one of the main reasons why I want to develop a easy port scanning technology that everyone can use just like an iPhone and at the same time protect their data and information.


As of my experiences with my internships I got to know more about port scans and how much they cost to a company. They cost lot of money but on the other hand they provide security to the company. I want to bring this commercial level feature to residential households so that everyone can be protected as much as possible. Data security is a huge deal nowadays because everyone is worried about their information being stolen and worried about security breaches, so I want to make a change in that industry and make one of the security features available to the people.


As of my experience with Charter Communications, my knowledge grew about the port scans, and I got a realization that port scans are one of the main features in terms of data security and this feature is really not known about by the general population. I want to make an impact in the computer security industry by introducing port scans to the general population and make it available to everyone in the world.


In conclusion, I want to provide the population with a security feature that all of the population can use and of this security feature so that everyone can use this feature and take advantage of this feature. This feature will help the population in terms of data security and provide the population with the best security. With all of my experiences combined I can say that I will be able to provide the population with something that can help them and at the same time provide them security as well. In terms of security everyone should be worried about their data security and information being stolen and breaches about the data. Port scanning will be able to take care of these breaches and leaks as it lets the person know about the vulnerability and the leaks that happens in real time. Port scans also lets the users know if their device is compromised with some kind of virus and if the virus is going to compromise their data as well. So, in short port scanning will help the population to protect their data and their information as well. By using this feature any normal person will be able to protect their data and be able to use a commercial level feature to their use.

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